Quality - Winery Within a Winery

Quality - Winery Within a Winery
Terlato's added more cave space to accommodate quality wine production.

Winery Within a Winery

More than a quarter-century ago, Rutherford Hill was originally created to primarily produce tank-fermented wines, requiring that the original fermentation tanks be used several times per vintage. This necessity prevented the winemakers from creating the types of lush reserve wines — those that demanded the solitary use of one tank throughout a production season — envisioned by the Terlato family.

The Terlato family recognized that Rutherford Hill essentially needed to create a "Winery Within a Winery" that would accommodate the increased quantity of wines they wanted to produce, particularly reserve vintages. An ideal solution to this production challenge was found in the creation of a state-of-the-art addition.

Quality - Producing Wine from Napa Valley

Quality - Producing Wine from Napa Valley

Producing Wine from Napa Valley's Finest Merlot  & Cabernet Vineyards Since 1996

Rutherford Hill Winery has been sourcing premium fruit from some of Napa Valley's finest Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards since 1996. Many of these vineyards are small; however yield the mosts distinctive grapes. The establishment of these new fruit sources is an important indicator of the Terlatos' emphasis on quality, and the new facility enables Rutherford Hill winemakers to lavish customized care on each vineyard's contribution.

Simply because a wine is tracked for the "Reserve" process, however, doesn't guarantee it will make the final selection. Only the very best juices that were originally intended for the Reserve Merlot Program are eventually blended into the reserve, with the remainder of the exceptional juice blended into the Napa Valley Merlot.

Quality - Core Philosophy

The Terlato family's core philosophy

— place quality above all else —

Finds its newest expression beautifully embodied in the our "winery within a winery." 

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