History of Rutherford Hill

History - Building on Tradition

History - Building on Tradition

Building on Tradition

Another way of putting quality first was to create an environment in which reserve wines could be given the time, care and consideration they needed within the Rutherford Hill portfolio.

A new state-of-the art facility for the production of reserve wines ─ a "winery within a winery" ─ began taking shape in spring of 2000 and was functional in time for that year's harvest. Costing more than $7 million, the 5,100-square foot winery addition has 24 fermentation tanks ranging from 1,500 to 6,000 gallons. It is self-contained, complete with its own press, refrigeration capabilities (tanks are jacketed for both warming and cooling glycol) and harvest crew.

History - Building on Tradition 2

Creating the Ideal Wine-Storage Environment

Rutherford Hill was an innovator in Napa Valley in the building of caves and employment of a pallet-stacking system within those caves. Year-round, 8,000 wine-filled French and American oak barrels age in an ideal wine-storage environment of 59ºF/90 percent humidity. The result is a substantial reduction in wine evaporation, creating wines with lower concentrations of alcohol. The improvements in the caves that began in 1999 illustrate the big-picture view that embodies the Terlato family's commitment to quality.

History - Looking Toward the Future

History - Looking Toward the Future

Looking Toward the Future

A substantial investment has been made in purchasing vineyards and in new long-term contracts with growers representing some of Napa Valley's finest vineyards. These actions will help contribute to Rutherford Hill's ongoing pledge of excellence.

A quarter-century after Rutherford Hill was founded, the pioneering spirit that created it perseveres. Armed with their extensive wine industry experience, the Terlato Family continues to invest in future quality.

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